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015 10,000 Miles on The Haul Road with Steve Opat

Steve Opat is an 8-year veteran of hunting in Alaska and has been involved in 40+ successful big game hunts in Alaska including over a dozen trips up the Haul Road for caribou.  He has also successfully hunted Moose, Dall Sheep, Mtn Goat, Muskox, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear and more.

In this episode Steve and I swap stories about one of Steve’s favorite hunts in all of Alaska, the Haul Road Caribou hunt.  Steve refers to this hunt as “iconic Alaska” due to its combination of a harsh, but beautiful landscape, an epic road trip, a large caribou herd and the relatively low cost and easy access for the average hunter.

Listen in as we discuss where the Haul Road is, what its like to venture north on the most remote stretch of highway in the United States, and what awaits the opportunistic hunter on the Arctic Tundra of the North Slope.


Steve with the bull he refers to as “The Blob”

Steve with a solid caribou from the Haul Road

“The Blob” before he was killed by Steve.  This pic was taken by another hunter who passed on this bull while looking for a bull with big tops