009 Bjorn Olson and Kim McNett

Bjørn Olson has made an art of wilderness bikepacking in Alaska. He envisions coastal shorelines, frozen rivers, game trails, and tundra as opportunities to explore ambitious new routes to cycle in all seasons. Combining packrafts with fatbikes, Bjørn and partners have pedaled and paddled their ways through long wilderness adventures with their “go-light, go-far” ethic.

Bjørn is a renaissance Alaskan adventurer. The son of a hunting guide, he is an accomplished sea kayaker, he plays in rock gardens, surfs winter shore break, and has circumnavigated the rugged coast of southcentral Alaska to Kodiak.  He embraces mountaineering, back-country snowboarding, and even rough terrain unicycling as ways to experience the Alaskan wilds.

Bjorn can be found at http://www.mjolnirofbjorn.com

Kim McNett is a lifelong naturalist, and has been sharing and interpreting Alaska’s natural beauty through art, education, and guiding since she transplanted from her home state of Washington in 2009. Diversity of wildlife, ecosystems, and native cultures fuels her curiosity and inquiry of the natural world, and her illustrations document its detail and intricacy. Through guiding, educating youth, and interpretive artwork, Kim encourages a sense of awareness and stewardship for our remaining wild places.

From sea kayak touring to winter fatbiking, Kim and Bjorn are either on a wild adventure, or in the midst of preparing for one.

Kim and her artwork can be found at https://www.kimsnaturedrawings.com

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