007 Ryan “Sthealthy Hunter” Lampers and Jeff “Lusty Lusky” Lusk

Ryan Lampers is an accomplished backcountry mountain hunter and co-host of the Hunt Harvest Health podcast with his wife and Naturopathic Dr., Hillary Lampers.  The Lampers can be found on Instagram @huntharvesthealth, @sthealthyhunter and @dochillary and on the web at www.huntharvesthealth.com

Jeff Lusk is a self proclaimed “manly man” and a member of the Hunt Wild crew based out of Washington State.  Jeff enjoys all aspects of a hunting adventure from start to finish.  Jeff can be found on Instagram @jefflusky and @hunt_wild


NOTE: I’m currently behind on podcast episodes (SURPRISE) due to living an awesome life in Alaska far away from computers and WIFI!   As a result, I’m going to be streamlining my podcast release process which, unfortunately, means that I will be including less information in the show notes.  Please let me know if you miss the show notes terribly.  Otherwise the next several episode descriptions will look very similar to this one.

I hope that you continue to enjoy my conversations with the interesting and awesome folks that I am fortunate to meet in my travels.

Cheers, Abe.


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