001 Blood Mentors and Epic Bonks with Ryan Lampers

I hang out with Ryan and talk about:

  • Mushroom hunting vs shed hunting,
  • An epic Idaho DIY elk hunt,
  • Where to find huge Nevada velvet mule deer,
  • How Ryan’s mentor made him a better hunter,
  • Crawdads and high country elk,
  • Maple syrup coffee,
  • Picking fights with big bulls,
  • Picking fights with bigger bulls (seriously – the story is in here),
  • Why NW Montana is a TOUGH place to find a mature Muley, but worth it,
  • A Christmas morning rabbit hunt with P,
  • How to prevent epic bonks.


On X Maps  https://www.onxmaps.com/

Train To Hunt http://www.traintohunt.com/

Kahtoola Micro Spikes https://kahtoola.com/product/microspikes/



**Sadly, in the months following the recording of this podcast, Dallas passed away.  After hearing Ryan’s stories about him, I sure would have loved to meet him…he sounded like quite a character and one hell of an elk hunter.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.  — Abe

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