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004 Chasing Dreams with Jess Henderson

  • Tea Wisdom,
  • Tackling bears and fears,
  • Salmon Slam 2018,
  • The two names of the five Pacific Salmon,
  • Moving a family of seven into a travel trailer,
  • The odds of getting charged by a bear,
  • Grocery shopping for five kids,
  • Mountain therapy,
  • Life with infant twins,
  • Our deepest wound,
  • How I became a guide in Alaska,
  • Meeting Greg Springer,
  • Choose fuel not baggage,
  • The best of 2017,
  • Hadley’s fire,
  • How Abe lost his job,
  • The moving plan,
  • Homer spit campground,
  • Parting Wisdom.


Five species of Pacific salmon

Greg Springer – Springer Sportfishing


Seek Outside

Kon Mari – The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Rogue Expeditions

The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer


003 Eleven Rams with Scott Luber


  • The coolest slam in self-guided hunting,
  • Black bear ribs as a culinary treasure,
  • Wanton waste in Alaska,
  • Don’t you hike 30 miles one-way to go hunting?,
  • Sheep hunting stories,
  • Even more sheep hunting stories,
  • How to judge a legal ram,
  • Scotts recommendation for the best game species for your first hunt in AK,


Skamania Lodge

Proving Trails Adventures

Lace ‘em Up

Alaska Sheep Slam Banner




002 Running With Elk with Jeremy Humphrey

  • 83% lifetime success of bowhunting elk????,
  • The most athletic elk hunter no one has ever heard of,
  • What good elk habitat looks like,
  • Bull elk roar (not bugle),
  • Mental fatigue,
  • Starving as a strategy,
  • The opening weekend tagged-out blues,
  • Wind? What wind?
  • Jeremy’s competitive advantage,
  • How Jeremy uses elk hunting to train for his biggest competitions,
  • and so much more…

If you want to get ahold of Jeremy for more info on the Cool Yo’self bandana or for questions about his running consulting, you can reach him at


IMTUF 100 –


Trail Butter


001 Blood Mentors and Epic Bonks with Ryan Lampers

I hang out with Ryan and talk about:

  • Mushroom hunting vs shed hunting,
  • An epic Idaho DIY elk hunt,
  • Where to find huge Nevada velvet mule deer,
  • How Ryan’s mentor made him a better hunter,
  • Crawdads and high country elk,
  • Maple syrup coffee,
  • Picking fights with big bulls,
  • Picking fights with bigger bulls (seriously – the story is in here),
  • Why NW Montana is a TOUGH place to find a mature Muley, but worth it,
  • A Christmas morning rabbit hunt with P,
  • How to prevent epic bonks.


On X Maps

Train To Hunt

Kahtoola Micro Spikes



**Sadly, in the months following the recording of this podcast, Dallas passed away.  After hearing Ryan’s stories about him, I sure would have loved to meet him…he sounded like quite a character and one hell of an elk hunter.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.  — Abe